Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Access Codes....

6 Things you don't say to Someone You have dangled over the cliff in order to get The Access Codes.

1) Some long monologue. Don't do it.  Get what you want, or deliver the coup de grace.

2) Seriously, if you have to do a monologue, at least make it somewhat sinister.  It fills the awkward time as you walk through your ridiculously ginormous lair.  Who pays your heating bills?  Plus, you can only get there by sailboat?  How does the Jimmy John's guy bring you lunch?

3)  Wait, you don't have one of those fancy wing suits do you?  Because, you sort of lose your 'dangling over cliff leverage.'  Unlikely but classic mistake is to ignore the possibility of small parachute or wingsuit as part of clothing.

4) And now prepare to die... again, you're kind of monolouging here.

5) If you can't follow these instructions, at least hire good people.  Getting access codes is a team endeavor.  

6) Seriously.  Look behind you.   Maybe hire some competent henchmen.  I know, I know, good help is hard to find.

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